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Video review for Front End only ZETA

ZETA   – Text From This Video

About 30% of people have one or more budgeting apps on their phones. Chances are, if it’s not the right one for you, you’re probably not using it, and it’s probably not saving you money. Today, we’re going to talk about Zita, an app for couples. Leave a nice comment down below and let us know who spends more money, you or your partner, and then we’ll flame them. We’ll put some heat on them; just let us know.   So, we’re going to dive right into the Zita app, and we’re going to look at the interface and see how pretty it is, and we’ll talk about all the features that it has as we do that. Alright, first thing, just like a lot of these other apps, you have these little notifications here. Get rid of those; we don’t like them. All caught up, boom, there we go. So, the next thing you do is just come to your cash flow.   You look at your income, your expenses, and your savings. Pretty simple. There are upcoming bills and tasks. I need to review my bills and categorize my transactions. Then, you can go to your budgets.

ZETA Local OTO  

The cool thing is that they do personal and shared budgets because it is a budgeting app for couples. It’s about those couples who may not want to share their bank information with each other, keeping them separate, but this app allows them to be equal and to look like they’re in the same place. You can look at all your recent transactions. They save on your bills. You can look at the partners that they’ve partnered up with and see if they can save you any money.   So, you can look at your checking account, your savings account, and your credit cards. Okay, and they’ve also, I should  got this net worth, which is kind of cool together and separately. We’ll just, uh, 12 million, little biggie. Look at that. Um, then we go to this sidebar here.   You can look at these Zeta cards. It’s a separate bank account that you both get a card for, and it pulls money into there, and you share that money. You can save that money and pay for purchases with it. Really cool. Then you’ve got your budget.

 ZETA OTOs Linka  

Very simple here. It just kind of goes around here and compares how much you’ve spent and how much you’ve earned. You can look at your personal budget, or you can look at a shared budget. So, the next thing is your memos. This is kind of cool.   You can write a memo about what you bought. All of a sudden, there’s like a purchase from a certain company, and my wife can say, “Hey, what was this for?” I’ll do the knife massage tasks. We kind of went over that. You kind of have this sidebar here.   We’ll keep going through this. Splits are kind of cool. You can split transactions. So, you go to a really fancy restaurant. You bought a burger.   She bought a New York steak, and you both had to pay money for it. You just split your portion of it. No big deal there. And goals—you can set goals. So, you can set up a goal for a vacation.


The cool thing is, I can say, “Hey, Braden, I do not want you to see this, or you can’t see this.” So, there you go. Set up your goals that way. You can see a quick overview of your accounts. You can manage all your accounts together.   You can have a personal or shared account, or I can see my wife’s account. No hiding from me. Then you’ve got your cash flow here. Kind of like on the main screen, what you see is just the percentage of things that you’re spending on your different transactions. You can review them and categorize them.   And there you go. That is it. That is beautiful. That’s just pretty. It’s got a nice hourglass shape.

ZETA OTO Bonuses  

I don’t know. She’s pretty. So, it’s that time of the video where we go over the good, the bad, the great, the ugly, and all the good stuff. So, as far as accountability goes, Zeta does a decent job. It’s not very good at keeping you accountable for your spending.   It’s more of a report card type of thing. There’s a really cool thing with Zita that shows you your calendar, how much money you spend, and when your bills are due or when you’re getting paid. That’s one other thing that I really like about Zeta. For the goals and budgeting section, the goals are good. It’s really nice to set a goal.   The budgeting part is kind of bare-bones. It’s not as easy to look at specific categories and things like that, but it is cool that you can have separate budgets and shared budgets. That is nice. As far as your time savings, it’s okay. I’d say it’s okay.

ZETA OTO Product Overview  

It doesn’t save you a whole bunch of time. It doesn’t do much with that, but I mean, yeah, the calendar is kind of nice to get a quick overview, but it doesn’t necessarily save you time on looking at your finances or things like that. The interface, as you kind of saw, has bars at the bottom and from the side, and there are a whole bunch of different things. Some of them are repetitive. It just takes a little bit to get used to.   There are better apps for organizing things, but it’s okay. I mean, you do a good job and figure it out pretty quickly. Do what you can. It’s like a learning curve. Like when you get married, when you meet someone, it’s a learning curve getting to know them.   It’s a learning curve using this couples app. That’s a beautiful analogy, actually. Couples have the option of getting married, except you don’t have to be married to use Zeta. You can be non-traditional. You can be anything you want and still use Zida.

ZETA OTO Review 

What happens if I’m dating my girlfriend and we break up? Then all the money’s already together. It is together, but they have thought of this. They have a breakup feature. Money separated, no problem.   One button, and you’re done. It’s really good at combining both partners’ accounts, so it makes it very simple to look at you separately or together. The last thing is that Zita is free. There are no fees associated with having Zita, having that savings account, having their cards, or anything like that. And as you know, we’re all about free stuff.   Amen, brother. Well, guys, if you like this video, make sure to comment and subscribe. Remember to make sure to comment on who in your relationship is the biggest spender and who in the relationship wakes up and checks their bank account the first thing they do before they check social media. They ask for Zita’s account. Make sure to comment on that person.   And if you find any value in this, make sure to subscribe. Smash the like, comment, and content coming up. Sure do.

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