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So today I’m joining the $50,000 investing challenge with Chat, gbd, that’s right, A D like bde, big dividend energy. Today, I’m joining the $50,000 investing challenge to see if Chat GBT can make me money, and in today’s video You’re going to watch me copy and recreate five of the world’s most famous investment portfolios, including Warren Buffett’s, Nancy Pelosi’s, Michael Burries’, and more, and I’m going to show you how I’m doing it step by step using AI tools that will do this for us automatically, but first watch Chat gbt. I know it should seem obvious to those of us on the internet, but believe it or not, According to a recent survey from, where they pulled 2 000 people, 38 percent didn’t even know what chatgpt was.   Chat GPT is an AI; it’s a language learning model, and it’s basically Skynet before Skynet was self-aware. It doesn’t yet know it’s about to take over humanity and rule over it, but it’s about to, and it’s getting smarter and smarter every single day, especially with numbers, data, and, of course, investing. But now the active managers potentially face a fresh challenge: funds managed by artificial intelligence, consisting of 38 stocks chosen by chat. JPt has, in the last seven weeks, outperformed the average of the UK’s 10 most popular funds. They recently conducted an experiment where they fed it.   They used the latest economic data, like interest rates and what’s going on with housing, and trained it on some basic financial literacy just to see what it would do. They let this experiment run for 45 days, and it picked 38 random stocks that it thought would do well. Stocks like Johnson and Johnson, Microsoft, Visa Meta, Netflix, etc., and between March 6th and April 28th of this year, it was competing against the top 10 most popular funds in the world, funds from names you’ve probably heard of before, like Vanguard, Fidelity, and HSBC. 35 percent of the people polled said They never even considered using Chad GPT for investing advice, but it turns out Chad GPT outperformed those top 10 funds in 40 out of the 45 days they ran the experiment. In other words, it outperformed 89 of

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The time and it even outperformed the golden standard of investing in the S P 500 Index, which was up only three percent during the same period versus its 4.6 percent. So there is so much excitement about what these AI tools can do for the world of investing and starting. Today, there’s a new plugin called Portfolio Pilot that will connect to an app that will connect your favorite brokerage. Anyone can try this themselves, and I think this could turn the world of investing upside down. So I’m super excited to try this out, build these portfolios, and see where they take us.   So, let’s get into it. My name is Andre Dick. I hope you’re doing well. Come for the finance and stay for the AI. Do me a favor and smash the like button. Ai Style, actually D Light Style I don’t know why I did that, but if this video gets 10,000 likes, I will make a follow-up video on what will happen to this portfolio in the next season.   Finale of AI’s Gone Wild, so this was started by the CEO of Autopilot, and if you’re interested in keeping up with this experiment, you can follow their Twitter account here. But my video is not sponsored in any way, shape, or form. They are not paying me to make this video. In fact, they don’t even know. I exist.

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This was actually sent to me by my friend Dylan from Curious Future, so go check him out, but I thought it was interesting, especially because there’s nothing else this week and sometimes you get to do reckless things like magic tricks and become a content creator. So, let’s get started first. I’m going to have to download the autopilot app on my phone from the App Store. I’ve already done that, and if you want to try this experiment yourself, follow along; it’s about to blow your mind. So this app is called Autopilot, and when I was preparing for this video, I’d never heard of this app. This is my first time downloading it and trying it out, but what it does is allow you to copy and recreate some of the world’s most famous investment portfolios, including Jim Cramer’s, with the inverse Kramer mutual fund.   So whatever Jim Cramer says, do they do the opposite? It’s crazy because they track Jim Cramer’s stock picks based on a show on CNN. What he’s posting on Twitter, but what’s insane, is that last year this fund made 34. That’s insane when you consider the fact that the S&P 500 lost about 19, but wait, there’s more. It also allows you to follow, copy, and recreate arguably the most famous congresswoman in the world, Nancy Pelosi, with the Pelosi tracker winner chicken dinner, because her average is 31, which is insanely impressive.   Now, last year her portfolio lost five percent, but hey. We can’t all be perfect inside traders. I kid, of course; now hold on a minute. How does this app know what she’s buying and selling? If you click the little I in the upper right-hand corner, you’ll be able to see that it tells you that’s because of something called the Stock Act, which requires every Congressperson to disclose what they’re buying and what they’re selling within 45 days of doing so now for Nancy Pelosi. She discloses, on average, roughly 14 days after she invests, which is why you see that 14 days under average delay, but wait, there’s more, and this app also allows you to follow and copy the one and only legendary investor Warren Buffett with the Buffett tracker.

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Now his returns are nowhere near as high as some of his esteemed colleagues at only 12, but that’s still really impressive, because let’s see what your returns look like after a 50-year career with all your Bitcoin anyway. If you click the information in the upper right-hand corner, you’ll also be able to see that the reason they know what his holdings are is because of Form 13f, which forces the hedge funds to disclose their positions within 45 days of the last day of the calendar quarter. Now, this is also how they’re able to get the buried tracker. This, of course, is the famous Michael Burry, who predicted the global 2008 financial crisis, and here you can see his entire portfolio and his yearly averages of 50 percent with 60 made last year, which to me is just mind-blowing when you consider the fact that the stock market is supposed to return eight to ten percent on average, so this guy is doing five times better than the average there is. Furthermore, the Citadel tracker produced very similar returns of 45 percent last year 49. If you’re not sure what Citadel is,   It is the number one most profitable hedge fund manager of all time with Kenneth Griffin as their CEO, but the one I really want is that sweet gooey, that’s sweet AI, that chat GPT. So that’s thater one most profitable hedge fund manager of all time with Kenneth Griffin as their CEO, but the one I really want is that sweet gooey, that’s sweet AI, that chat GPT. So that’s that. What I’m going to focus on now is that I’m going to put a thousand dollars into every one of these, but this plugin will be made available specifically for chat gbt starting today, but Andre. I thought you were going to put in fifty thousand dollars of your own money. No, they are out of their money; I’m not that desperate for views.   Yet is the key word, so first you want to set this up with chat and CPT, and then I’ll do it for all of the other ones, but it was pretty straightforward. All I did was click the plus button at the bottom of the app. Then I hit chat, gbt, and again on the bottom. It says: select, chat, CPT Trader now, once that’s confirmed, asks to connect the broker, and it lists Robinhood, Weibull, and TD Ameritrade. I know André only uses Robinhood if you’re an amateur.

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Fortunately, I am, so I do now. Once that’s connected, you select the account. You want to pull the money from you exactly. How much money you want to invest. 500 is the minimum, which is kind of steep, but to make it fun, I put in a thousand dollars, which I’ll do for all the other ones as well, and once that’s done, just swipe up to confirm, and it’s pretty easy and straightforward.   Unfortunately, this app is kind of expensive at thirty dollars every three months. Now, I’m not sponsored by them. So I will be paying this a hundred twenty dollars a year again. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but don’t calculate the cost of this using your hourly earnings and tell yourself, “Oh, that’s like three to four hours of working. Don’t use your active day! Job income: use your passive income to calculate the true cost of this, because at 120 a year divided by four percent,   If you had a portfolio that generated four percent, how much do you need to invest to make 120 a year? That is a three thousand dollar portfolio, so if you have that, that is the true cost of allowing this thing to exist in your life now that I am a content creator. So for me, this is a taxable write-off, and it’s worth it. Just for the content, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s worth it for everyone, so just calculate it before you do and ask yourself twice before you pay for this, because maybe you should let me lose the money first, but Andre chat, GPT isn’t even connected to the Internet; it’s not going to be useful, and those are good concerns, but from what I understand of this experiment, they’re going to be feeding it articles manually from the internet, as well as connecting APIs from the news organizations, training it, and keeping it up to date. With macroeconomic information like interest rates, the housing market, the GDP unemployment rate, and things like that, just to make sure that it has all of the context—and it’s aware of it now—they’re also going to be focusing on companies with a market cap of $300 million or more.

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Now, each of their stocks will also need to be fed multiple articles about it almost every single day, and if this were done manually, this would be a massive undertaking. That would almost be impossible unless they had a huge team behind them. But from my understanding, most of the information that they’ll be collecting will be done automatically behind the scenes by collecting those APIs that will gather and farm those headlines from the news articles. Now using this methodology, they’re going to create a scoring system that will try to find the top 20 stocks with the best market sentiment, aka the stocks that people feel the most excited about in the future, and they’ll be buying them roughly every three days now. They’ll also try to leverage negative sentiment, and they’ll try to invest in those inverse ETFs. Kind of like the way the Jim Cramer ETF works, so that is the methodology, and it starts today. Now I have no clue how this will perform, but that’s also why I didn’t invest fifty thousand dollars. It could do incredibly well, do really badly, or be somewhere in the middle.   It’s a genius move, but really, my goal is just to beat Grant Stefan’s stock monkey portfolio. That’s all I want, leveraging all the tools that humanity has created. I want to make a Mojo Jojo reference for all the Millennials out there. Anyway. I discourage anyone from trying this, but in the meantime, focus on your own investment journey.   I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day. Smash the like button and subscribe. If you haven’t already, don’t forget to grab your free stocks; the links are down below, and then go track them automatically with the spreadsheet linked below. In my Patreon love, thank you so much for watching this video. I’d love to see you back here on Monday or Friday. Sometimes a Wednesday sees you soon, bye-bye.

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