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A.I. Marketo OTO Links Above –  What is A.I. Marketo ?

Brand-new, first-to-market technology based on artificial intelligence and machine language that automatically makes business-boosting sales copies, VSLs, marketing ads, email swipes, attention-grabbing graphics, and much more, even if you don’t know anything about technology or marketing.

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Video review for Front End only A.I. Marketo

A.I. Marketo   – Text From This Video


Hello, my name is Kevin. Today, we’ll look at five apps that employ AI in novel ways. On this platform, for example, I can instantaneously change my voice. Another one of my photo editing abilities is the ability to choose a section and have it suddenly vanish. Where are you now, my child?


I may also instruct the computer to perform anything particular, such as write a song for the Kevin Cookie Company. What can I say, that’s incredible. I was wondering whether I was asking too much of the computer to sing it to me. Kevin Cookie Company is responsible for your and my happiness. The examples described above are some of the others we’ll look at today.


Let us have a look at them. Our first tool is VoiceMod, a piece of software that adjusts your voice in real time. Both the main page and the explanation provide links to the downloaded software. They have voice actors record a wide range of text so that they may train their algorithms on spoken data. When you speak into a microphone, your voice is immediately altered to sound like the actor’s.

 A.I. Marketo Local OTO  

Following the conclusion of the VoiceMod download and installation, you will be provided with the following user interface: To begin, pick the voice box in the top left corner, which will expose VoiceMod’s huge database of voices. Because all of the others are still in beta, this is the only area where an actor was utilized to develop a model for an AI voice. What we need to do is put a couple of them to the test. I’ll choose a storyteller by clicking on his or her name here.


Kevin’s is the best when it comes to cookies. Something expressed by such a trustworthy source has to be truthful. The alternative points of view are worth considering. I’ll turn on the pilot from here. Your pilot has arrived, ladies and gentlemen. I just wanted to let you know that the flight attendants would be handing wonderful, freshly baked cookies soon.


On the right side of the screen, you may choose a character; the pilot has chosen Michael. The choice of a female voice adds to Ellen’s gender versatility. Insert a different voice for assessment. For this example, I’ve chosen Alice. Please eat every single one of those cookies, kids.

A.I. Marketo OTOs Linka 

While playing with all the many voices, it’s easy to lose track of time. The next lesson will discuss how to use cleanup.pictures to remove undesired items from images. I’ve come at the cleanup.pictures website, where you may simply remove undesirable parts from images by dragging them to the correct spot.




Can you describe the type of material you want to create? What an amazingly smart response from an AI to this subject; I may continue this conversation farther down if I so like. Microsoft Excel will be the topic of our final test. Microsoft has begun to integrate AI into the product, which is a well-known application. Because Excel has built-in analytical features, you may enter data and quickly identify trends and insights you might have missed.

A.I. Marketo OTO AIUpsell 

I’m gazing at a spreadsheet with Kevin Cookie Company sales data, ready to dig in and begin analyzing it in Excel, but I’m at a loss on where to begin. It was a big comfort to be able to rely only on my computer and some AI. To begin, click the home tab in the upper left, then go to the far right of the ribbon and select analyze data. A new window has emerged to the right, where I can perform some basic data analysis. I’ve been able to ask Excel questions about my data without having to go in and execute the analysis myself since then.


Assume you’re interested in total revenue. When I entered that figure here, we made little less than $5 million. That’s fantastic, but wait until you see this. The following insights are the result of Excel’s automatic analysis of my data. As I descend, I am treated to some breathtaking vistas.


In terms of sales, the chocolate chip variety exceeds the others. Look, I can even throw in a pivot chart! I may also view all 18 results by clicking the link that appears below.This discloses fresh information about my data to me, and it’s full of intriguing discoveries I wouldn’t have made otherwise. It’s worth mentioning that Google Sheets has similar functionality.


In Google Sheets, the “Explore” option is located at the very bottom right. This feature is useful for both Excel and Google Sheets users since it allows you to ask questions about the data and presents many insights gathered from the information you’ve supplied. So, when it comes to the diversity of things that are beginning to employ AI, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Please leave a comment with your own excellent examples. Please subscribe if you enjoyed this video and want to see more like it.
I’ll post a photo of my son in front of a snowy mountain here. Continue using the standard definition version for free, or pay to upgrade to the high definition version. I’ll continue to use SD in particular. This close-up of my son atop the snowy mountain is invaluable. The brush size is selected below, and all I have to do now is choose my son and highlight him.


I’ll let go of the mouse when I’ve picked his entire body to let the AI do its job. Wow, just look at it! There is no evidence of him in the image, and it has even managed to reproduce the environment behind him. I can return to the original shot by clicking the button in the upper right, and I can return to the one where he was trimmed out by clicking it again. It’s very great.

A.I. Marketo OTO Bonuses 

This is rather incredible given how quickly it was completed, despite a few small issues with shadows and such. Certainly superior to utilizing Photoshop’s clone stamp. CapCut, an open-source video editor that uses AI at every stage of the process, is our next project. Simply choose the backdrop and click the erase button to remove it. You can even improve your look.


Those stated above are just a few additional characteristics. Let’s have a look. CapCut video editor may be downloaded from capcut.com. CapCut may be used immediately in your browser on the website or downloaded and installed on your Mac or PC.


The app must be installed on your smartphone before you can use it to its full extent. There are no expenses. After installing CapCut and beginning a new project, the first thing you’ll need to do is drag some material into the interface. I’ll begin by importing a video of myself, placing it onto the timeline below, and then stopping the movie so I can work in the midst of it. Keeping this tape selected, I’ll go to the top menu and select video, then cutout, and lastly auto cutout to remove the backdrop.

A.I. Marketo OTO Product Overview 

I’m going to choose this, and it’s already functioning on the video. See, here is where they’re performing all the fantastic artificial intelligence research. There was no need for a “green screen” because the backdrop was effectively removed. The AI has recognized me in the backdrop and pinpointed my position. Right now, the option to import a picture is quite nice.


Take a peek at this fantastic office environment. I can insert the still picture now that I’ve relocated my video to a more prominent layer on the timeline. I’ll drop it to the bottom layer and then move it here to make it the same duration as my video. Here’s what happens when I play it now. I’m apparently at a whole other location.


Allow me to illustrate by pulling these levers to the side so that the image occupies the full screen. There was, once again, no green screen. To say the least, I’m impressed. CapCut’s AI capabilities are so powerful that it can do far more than simply eliminate the background. I’ll select my movie and then click the “enhance” option in the upper right.

A.I. Marketo OTO Review 

Here, I can use AI to figure out where my face is and then use CapCut to draw a rectangle around it to focus my efforts. I may, for example, benefit from softening my skin. Maybe I simply need a little ego boost. If I really wanted to, I could bleach my teeth. This might be done with other parts of my face.


My facial length and chin shape, for example, were both adjustable. In this section, I could also modify my haircut and apply cosmetics. So, what’s the point of having plastic surgery? If your audience is restricted to a screen, you may fully change your appearance. The video above has even additional tips on how to get the most of CapCut.


Next up are the OpenAI text models. You may instruct the computer to do something, and it will do it brilliantly. Please see the linked descriptions above or below to continue reading. In other words, we’ve entered the OpenAI sandbox. The initial setup instructions are on the left side of the screen, while the editable options are on the right.

A.I. Marketo OTO Reviews

Below is the opportunity to pick the AI model. The current configuration is text-davinci-003. Fill up the blank at the top with instructions for this AI. I’ll enter that in as the instruction and then click the submit button at the bottom because I’ve always wanted a song about the Kevin Cookie Company. Wow, just look at it! Kevin Cookie Corporation now has a theme song! The chorus is here, as is the verse that I’m not going to sing but that sounds incredibly beautiful in my head.


This appears to be rock solid. It’s all in good fun, but the Kevin Cookie Company just reported unsatisfactory financial results, so I’d want to see if the AI has any recommendations. Kevin Cookie Company’s financial results fell short of expectations, so I’ll explain why in the space available before we click the submit button. Wow. It’s a good summary, in my opinion.


Changes in customer tastes, increased competition, and inefficient advertising are all possible causes. This logic, I believe, is sound. I could have used a resource like this while I was in high school. So here’s my question: how can I explain to my instructor that I didn’t have enough time to do my assignment? I’m going to tap “submit” here to find out.

A.I. Marketo Reviews

Please excuse my inability to do my coursework. Unfortunately, I had to devote a significant amount of time and effort to a family matter and was unable to complete it. You must assist if there is a family emergency. That is an excellent justification. If you want to talk to the computer program, there’s a ChatGPT link down below.


Let’s see how it goes. I might start a conversation with the AI down below on ChatGPT; perhaps I’ll ask it for suggestions on fascinating YouTube video subjects. What a thoughtful response. What piques your interest the most? Find out what your target audience is interested in.


A.I. Marketo Reviews



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