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VideoXQ-AI OTO Links Above –  What is VideoXQ-AI ?

Using revolutionary A.I. technology, VideoXQ-AI creates animated explainer videos better than top video marketing agencies. Utilize a vast animation scene library, drag-and-drop timeline editing, A.I. high-retention script writing & voiceover technology, and more to create explainer animation videos for any business that produce results.    

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VideoXQ-AI OTOs Details – All OTOs’ Links Above

VideoXQ-AI Gold – $97.00 – Option 1

This enhanced, upgraded version of VideoXQ-AI includes an unlimited license and advanced features such as…

Add 25 companies to VideoXQ-AI so that they can manage and evaluate their videos.
Unlimited Video Capacity
Unrestricted Video Duration
Unlimited Video Upload Creation Unrestricted Video Duration
Background Image Disassembly
Green Screen Technology and Eliminator
Background Noise Cancellation
Access to the Video Template Collection
Integrate your DropBox, Amazon S3, and Google Drive video project storage solutions.
Voiceover Recorder/Audio Editor with Audio Trim, Fade In/Out, Pitch Normalizer, Speed Control, and Background Noise Eliminator
2000+ Animation Assets/Library
Text Templates for Video Animation Scenes of Premium Quality

VideoXQ-AI Gold-Lite ($67.00)

Contains all of the aforementioned features as well as Commercial Rights to sell videos to clients.

OTO2: VideoXQ-AI Asset Club

$167.00 annually or $27 per month
Users have access to a membership that grants them monthly access to new video assets to set their video agency apart from the competition. Includes 600+ assets like…

10 New Niche-Specific Expertly-Created Video Templates are Voted Up This Month 50 New Pre-Made Video Scenes
50 Contemporary Video Transitions
50 Unique Poses for Animated Characters
50 Additional Animated Objects
50 Contemporary Video Effects
Twenty Fresh Background Effects
50 Animated Video Backgrounds Are New
50 Brand-New Animated Video Clips
10 New Title Settings
50 Static Personalized Characters
50 static customizable objects
20 Personalized Static Backgrounds 50 Personalized Static Video Scenes

OTO3: VideoXQ-AI Platinum

This most advanced edition of VideoXQ-AI enables you to retain clients longer with advanced Enterprise technology, whitelabel the app as your own so that clients do not purchase from us, and a lot more…

Unlimited Account Creation for Agencies
Whitelabel License – Brand the application as your own by removing the VideoXQ logo.
Enterprise Resellers can now resell VideoXQ using this popular feature.
Previewing Videos for Customers Outside the program with Enterprise TMA watermark – add team members to your VideoXQ account to outsource it.
Superior animation and text effects
Website for the DFY Legal Client Contract to Close Major Tickets
Includes Fiverr Gig templates, a Video agency proposition, a YouTube agency presentation, swipes to close clients, and more.
Bonus Client Finder App

VideoXQ-AI 4Brand Special Offer

With cloud-based software, 4Brand is the quickest and simplest method to create high-quality logos and branding materials. Create awe-inspiring branding and graphic materials with millions of possible permutations. Using drag-and-drop editing, you can create logos, containers, prototypes, video intros and outros, and much more.

OTO5: VideoXQ-AI YTSuite Special

YTSuite is an all-inclusive, user-friendly cloud application that automates the creation of highly profitable Adwords and YouTube video advertising campaigns for local businesses. Start quickly generating leads and sales with your VideoXQ-AI and YTSuite videos.

This revolutionary app comes with agency rights, allowing you to operate a YouTube advertising agency for the first time or merely use the advanced cloud video editing technology to generate agency leads.

OTO6: VideoXQ-AI Academy

Learn how to operate a video marketing agency from inception using VideoXQ-AI videos. This includes twenty or more HD video training modules from the creators of VideoXQ-AI on what is currently functioning in the agency space.

VideoXQ-AI Bundle Deal

In addition, there will be a low-cost package offer for the front-end and all enhancements.


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VideoXQ-AI OTO Links Above


Video review for Front End only VideoXQ-AI

VideoXQ-AI   – Text From This Video


Two months ago, Linking Park released a new video clip that was fully made with AI, and it looks like this, so it is looking pretty insane and really impressive that this is done with AI. So this was two months ago, and Linkin Park used Kyber AI to create this AI video. You can use this yourself, and currently they have a new feature in which you can just take your existing videos and turn them into an animated version of them. So, let’s take a look. What you can do is see that a week ago they published this post, “Reality Meets Imagination, so you can see you have the original video and it just turns into some kind of animation. This function is in beta testing right now, but I’m going to show you what you can expect from it and also what other things you can already do with Kyber yourself.


I just want to let you know that I’m not sponsored by Kyber. I just really like this tool and creating AI animations. Videos of your own content are just super amazing and something I really wanted to do for a long time. You can see them here. This is the portfolio that I have. Here’s a song from Kid Cudi, and the clip again is all done with the AI tool, and it’s just some super crazy animation style. Here we have the linking video, and here we have the pricing because it is not fully free.


They have a free plan where you get 30 credits for approximately 30 seconds with the KYBER watermark, so at least you can try it out, and if you really like it, if you want to try it out more, you can either do monthly billing or yearly bidding. If you do the yearly billing, it’s ten dollars a month, or 10,000 credits for 10,000 seconds of video per year. When you create your account for Guyver AI, you land on your “My Videos” page, and I already have a couple here. So let me show you what I already created. Here I have a futuristic cyberpunk city in the style of a Polaroid film. So this is the image that I created with mid-journey, and let’s take a look. You can see that it slowly morphs into a futuristic city with the big cameras popping up. So this is what it generated with just the original image, and it turned it into this, so it’s pretty nice, so this was another one that I did.

VideoXQ-AI Local OTO  

I just typed a dock turning into a shark, and I provided the first image. This is when I made it with mid-journey as well and then in the style of Intergalactic, which is the same style as the video clip of Get Cody, and it’s just The dog is slowly turning more It’s kind of morphing into a shark while still being a dog. I could never create this by myself in a million years, but with Skyberry, I can.


Let’s take a look. How you can do this as well, so just go in the top right to create video, and they have two options: they have an initial image or you can upload the audio and make a video clip, but I’m going to just do an image right now here, just an image that’s creative, mid-journey, and okay, the initial image, and continue to prompt here on the left, and I will see that it will cost eight credits near the top. You see how many credits you have left, so continue to prompt. I want to create a video, and this is where you’re going to add your subject, so I’m just going to add a girl in the supermarket because that’s our subject, and then maybe we add something that she’s going to do, so here I have I want to create a video of a girl in a supermarket going outside into the sun and then continue, and here we have to select the style, and here they already have some suggestions.


So you see the lost and intergalactic style. These are the two styles that are used in the video clips as well. I like the intergalactic one, so I’m just going to add that one and then add it here, but you can also create your own. If you like anime or a certain style, you can add your own to this site that I already shared. I will put the link in the description.

VideoXQ-AI OTOs Linka  

It’s a site where you can find a lot of styles and keywords. So here I can also go and go for design styles, and if I click here, you see that there’s a lot of different styles and a lot of different things that you can do, so I can go to art styles, and you see here that there’s a lot of different styles to choose from and some images are still loading, but I like this file system style, so I’m just going to copy that and do it here so file vision, and maybe I’m going to add realistic and continue to settings. And here we have a couple of options, so you can do the duration settings. You can choose the camera’s movement. So do you want to zoom in, zoom out, or rotate clockwise? I’m going to go left just to see what happens.


You know we’re going to show the initial image in the first frame. That’s what we want, and here this is the important one: evolve, and if you do lower, it’s more stable, and higher is more wild. So if I go for one that doesn’t change too much, never go over 10. It changes in an instant, so 5 is good. If you just want to try out what you like, and if you want more craze, you can always go higher and like this, you just have to wait a bit, and before you know it, you’ve created your own animation.


But what is most impressive right now from Kyber is turning your video realistic and adding some animation on top. I’m in the beta. So I can show you how amazing this is. So if I go back to Kyber, you see that I have a restylized video at the bottom, and I can upload a video, and they say it’s best to use a short video for maximum 10 seconds and like keep it on one shot because it’s still in beta. So they’re learning, so I can go to pixels right here. We have a lot of free videos, and I think I like this one with the elephant walking, and then I’m curious how it’s going to change with all the background, so I go back to the Kyber and Restylase video.

VideoXQ-AI OTO AIUpsell 

So I can just pull it in right here, and this is the video, and I can continue to the prompt. So here I have it: I want to create a video of an elephant walking over a street in the desert in the style of, and now here comes the tricky part: what kind of style do we want? I’m going to actually select the style that I already have ready, so I’m just going to select, enter Galactic, and continue to settings, and here the only thing you can choose is how crazy you want it to be. So I’m going to go for seven to see if it goes really crazy, and this takes a bit longer than with the pictures. The pictures are just easier to do, and it’s going to take less time, and here it’s going to take maybe 10–15 minutes before it’s really generated.


But in the meantime, I see that the girl that you created in the supermarket is finished. So I’m curious if it’s actually going to be going outside in the sun, because that’s a bit hard because normally it’s in one static place, so we chose the style Faucism. So that looks like this. So let’s remember this: it’s colorful, it’s blocky, all that stuff! Okay, and now we see how the video came out, and I feel like we really got the style, the colorful, the blocky, but she’s not going outside.


There is the sun coming in from the back. I mean, it’s super impressive that we could create this. Just take one image and create this kind of animation, and with Kyber, you just really have to try some things out to really get what you like and in the style that you want. I want to show you a couple that I already managed to do right here. I have a video of just some flowers in the field.

VideoXQ-AI OTO Bonuses 

There was nothing special about this, and the prompt I used was a field of flowers staying alive while a big fire goes on behind the flowers. This is just some things that I added. I selected realistic from the options, and you can see that it’s a bit glitchy. But the flowers are here and the fires are going in the background, so that did work. So this video is just a person carrying their bike up the stairs, you know, so I want to add some color and some changes. A person carrying their bike up the stairs while outside the rainbow shines in the style of splatter paint, and you see that it’s just changing like every single second, it seems like, and you see, there’s a lot of colors. You have splatter paint going on. It’s pretty cool, right? It’s just some nice effect that is being added to the video, and again, this is the beta version. So it’s only going to get better and better, and I think this is one of my favorites.


Until now, I did a futuristic piece called “Air Balloon” in the style of glitch art, and you see that, for instance, here on the top right, you really see that the glitch starts going on, and you just feel that it’s animated. It created this from a real video, and now it just looks like there’s another layer on top; that’s something that normally we couldn’t do without the help of AI, and here I just have a woman that’s moving her arms up and down inside the desert. A prompt, a person dancing while turning into a cyberpunk robot with every dense move in the style of street art, and it didn’t come out great. It didn’t do exactly what I wanted, like not turning into a cyberpunk robot with every dance move that I thought was a bit of a hard prompt, but still, it’s looking nice. So it’s very colorful! You have a lot of colors going on, and let’s just see how it looks. We just have some rainbow colors going on; our face is morphing a bit, and this is just a nice style, right?


It’s just fun to see what came out of the prompt, and I think this one is more showing how slightly you can change it, because this was just a video of a hand holding a compass, and here you just see it looks a bit more animated. It looks strong; it looks a bit unrealistic; it’s just adding a tiny layer on top of the real video that just gives it this cool animated look. Look at our video of the elephant, which is still loading, but I want to show you how it would go if you created something with audio, so you can also do the initial audio. So I just added the song to the initial audio, and I can continue to prompt, so this is just going to be on top of the audio, so it really needs to fit with the audio. So I added this song by Mac Miller.

VideoXQ-AI OTO Product Overview 

I will show it a little bit if you listen closely. Okay, so that’s what they’re going to add, so here the subject will be. I want to create a video of New York going through busy streets full of cars under a starry night. Now we select the style, so here they already have a couple down, they have cinematic, then they already add a lot of things here, and maybe I’m just going to go for that one. They have art information.


If you want steampunk, I’m going to go cinematic. Continue to Statics—and this is what’s important—you can either choose the camera movement directions, so I’m going to go for zoom in because then you really zoom in through the streets, and you can do again the evolve and also the audio reactivity. So lower is the camera. Move less with your audio; higher, it moves more. While we wait for that audio video to be finished, I want to show you already one I created. I used the same song, but I used a different prompt, so I used the beautiful sunset in Colorado with the mountains in the beautiful colors of the sunset, a person lying on the grass slowly becoming one with the earth, and the colors in the style of intergalactic, and this is just crazy to generate something that looks like this just by giving a bit of a prompt and typing what you want to see, and it just keeps Going forever—and I really really really like it, so you can already try this out, so this is not behind any beta or something—really go and try it out.


It’s so fun. So the elephant walking over a street in a desert in the style of Intergalactic is finished. Let’s take a look; it’s looking nice, and you see every frame of it. You have a bit of a shift, but it’s really like an animated style. You know, it just turned our video into something that didn’t exist before, and I really like it.

VideoXQ-AI OTO Review

This is just something so fun to try out. It’s super easy as well. You just really have to try a bit with the prompts to see if a certain prompt or another prompt works a bit better for you, so really try it out a bit and just have fun with this tool. The video clip for the audio is ready, with New York going through the busy streets while in their starry night sky and all the styles that are added to cinematic automatically. Let’s see how it looks: [, Music,] and it’s just so cool—and I think it’s just so impressive—I mean, look at this.


It just keeps going. It shows the new compartment. The new building is coming up the new compartment. The new building is coming up. I really like this, and I’m honestly so excited about this tool and what we can expect in the future because mid-journey already changes how we can create images and all that stuff. But now we can just turn our videos into animations.


That’s just some next-level stuff that I’m super excited about. Let me know in the comments what you think about this tool, if you’re going to try it out, and which animation style you can’t wait to try out on your own videos. I uploaded a video with a tool that can challenge chatgpt right here; watch that if you didn’t see it yet, and otherwise subscribe because I’ll make a lot more AI content.

  VideoXQ-AI OTO Reviews

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